Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cottoniversary Chronology

The fortunes of hindsight make it easy to say, "I didn't understand then, but looking back, I can see how that unfortunate event was necessary for this path."
For me, that unfortunate event was my first bout with unemployment in 2004. After many months of searching and applying and working odd temporary jobs to make ends meet, I finally gave up on Tacoma and expanded my search to Seattle, knowing that if I found a job there, I would move rather than endure an hour commute each way.

I was offered a job at a wholesale framed art company in Georgetown and moved up to Renton. A year later, I was training our new coworker in July. After a week, my boss told me I was training my replacement! They moved me to another department (where I ended up being much happier). That replacement employee was J.

We flirted off and on over the next six months but neither of us wanted to date someone from the office. New Year's Eve I noticed I was spending an awfully long time primping to go out with "friends" and realized it was because I wanted J to notice. In a rapid succession, I admitted to myself that this had moved beyond a fun flirtation/crush into serious feeling land.

I spoke about the dilemma with my stepmom who offered me life changing advice: Which was more important? Not dating someone from work in order to avoid potentially uncomfortableness/messiness if it didn't work out? Or not taking the chance and potentially missing out on a person who could possibly be my match? When put that way, I realized that it was more important to not risk losing him through inaction or fear. We started dating February 2-3, 2006.

We had our ups and downs. Like any real couple having a real relationship, we had misunderstandings. We learned each other's language and how to communicate through the difficult times. I realized after four months of dating that I loved him. I think around the six month mark, my brother asked me if I could see myself marrying J and my simple reply was "Yes. I just have to wait for him to get there."

J proposed on August 3, 2008, our 2.5 year anniversary (not planned on his part). That was one of the most blissful days of my life.

That September, we moved in together to begin saving money for the wedding.

Two years ago today, J and I were married. That day, nothing could bring me down. I felt bursting with love for everyone and everything. Today, I woke up feeling an echo of that. (Ok, that's a little literary hyperbole, I woke up and promptely walked into the doorjam, that's the first thing I felt.)

I feel so blessed to have him in my life and as my husband. I look forward eagerly to what further adventures await us along our journey through Anderland!

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  1. Many many MANY congratulations to you and Jeff, and I hope you have many more happy anniversaries to celebrate together! Love you!