Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year in our New Home

On NYE, we had several friends come over to play board games. Fun, socializing, snacking, and hilarity ensued. We played a game from Greg's seemingly infinite assortment called "Dixit." If you're familiar with Apples to Apples, it's very similar but instead of words/phrases, your cards have wonderful illustrations. (Top card on the left being one of the universal favorites: the purse monster) I think these would be excellent cards for creative writing or storytelling exercises! We watched the countdown fireworks on the Space Needle and shouted "Happy New Year" and popped our little streamer corks into the air...after we figured out it was midnight. See, Komo is stupid and doesn't put any sort of CLOCK on the screen so you just have to sort of guess that the fireworks mean a countdown and that when the top goes, that's midnight? Or that the fireworks are working perfectly and it's on time? Oh well!
This year, my actual birthday was delayed as I woke up on very, very sick. I spent all day on the couch napping and nursing fluids. And before you snicker, it was not from overimbibing the night before, but something that had been creeping up on my for at least two days. My birthday "observed" ended up being the following day. I wasn't feeling "it" this year, so we just kept it low key: went to try a local wine bar (review: not worth it outside of Happy Hour prices, and even then just kind of "meh") and then saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. It was ok, but not nearly as good as the first one as the cinematography was too contrived in a lot of it and the visual devices that were used to perfect effect in the first movie, were not as well used in this one.
I suppose I should talk about resolutions, since this is the week when it's on everyone's mind. I never worry about them too much, but here they are:
  1. If I buy the materials, I MUST make the project!
    A more specific variation on one I usually do (Finish the unfinished things) because the original version is still a little daunting. I have a photo album that's waiting to be finished from 12 years ago *ahem*. Lately, I seem to have a very specific project in mind, then buy the materials I'm missing to complete it and then the materials just kind of sit there. So I'm getting strict with myself, if I buy the materials then I can't just have a "project" bag hanging out indefinitely. The project must be done.
  2.  52 Weeks to an Organized Home
    I came across this on Pinterest around Christmas time and thought it was perfect and just what the house was begging. What better than a new year in our new house, we feel settled and the holidays are done, and now it's time to work on organizing our new home. A lot of organizing challenges have required a task a day, a concept that is overwhelming and doomed from the get-go in our lives of the M-F working family. Many days, by the time we get home, it's all we can do to manage dinner that doesn't come from a frozen package or a cereal box. One task a week is a bit more manageable! J has agreed it sounds like a great idea and is joining me in this resolution/endeavor.
52 Week Organized Home Challenge

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