Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Longer MIA

As I already knew, regular posting on a blog is a difficult task for me. I've had SEVERAL posts planned but settling down to write them is hard and finding the time to offload pictures and crop, etc is harder. Plus, sometimes life just gets in the way! I usually write my posts during slow moments at the office and then add the pictures when I get home. However, for the past 2 months, work has been a complete ZOO for me! It was unexpected and more than a little stressful.

That sounds like I'm making excuses, and maybe I am a little. However, some things are just facts. Several life events recently (and justifiably) took a front seat to blogging, which I bumped onto the Wait List. My mother was very ill (that will get a separate post if she okays my sharing) and her care and being with my family consumed my attentions. Between worrying for my mother and going crazy at work, I had little energy left at the end of each day.

More frequently than not, I always feel I'm just explaining circumstances but other people interpret it as making excuses. That brings up a common question of mine: what's the difference between making an excuse for why you didn't do something and simply explaining why? Is it intention? Is it something more intangible or something easily defined and concrete? I would love to hear some opinions on this!

Planned upcoming posts
  • little photo retrospective of our "Dimanche Gras" party with the monster nephews
  • sewing me-torial on the apron I made for my sister
  • spring gardening
  • lessons in permaculture
  • the shower project aka first true adventure with DIY remodel/repair

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